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Subway Franchise

Subway Franchise

Subway franchise cost of a Subway franchise for sale varies greatly. Some of
the factors that affect a Subway franchise cost are the location of the Subway
franchise, as well as the profitability of the particular Subway franchise for
sale. The Subway franchise cost for the actual license, however, is among the
lowest among restaurant franchises.

The Subway franchise is the largest restaurant
franchise chain in North America. It is expected that the Subway franchise will
soon expand to become the largest restaurant franchise in the world.

If the Subway franchise for sale is not already
established, the business owner who wants to open the Subway branch will be
responsible for providing the initial franchise fee, finding a location that
will not compete with an existing Subway franchise, obtaining leasehold
improvements and equipment, hiring employees, overseeing the day to day
operations of the Subway franchise, paying an eight percent royalty to the
company for use of the Subway name, and paying into the advertising fund.

exchange for the Subway franchise license, the company will provide the
franchisee with access to formulas and operational systems, guidance in store
design and how to order equipment, a training program, an operation manual, a
representative from the company during the opening of the Subway franchise who
will provide guidance, periodic evaluations and ongoing support to make sure
that the Subway standards are being met, and providing informative publications.