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How can Internet Advertising help your business?
Internet advertising is one of the newest ways of getting exposure and brand recognition for your business, however many small and mid-size businesses do not take full advantage of all of the marketing opportunities it has.  Internet advertising opens the door to endless sources of clients and other businesses, as almost everyone is currently connected in one way or the other.  Below are some tips for using internet advertising to your advantage. 

How to use Internet Advertising for your Business
1. Evaluate how your business can benefit from Internet Advertising
Internet advertising is a broad term for numerous types of marketing strategies using the internet.  The following are some examples of internet advertising that your business should consider:
A. Blogs – Blogs are a great method for garnering attention for your business.  A blog is a journal that your business can keep with different entries that relate to your consumer needs.  While blogs are cheap and relatively easy ways of reaching consumers, you will need to battle with many other blogs that exist.  In order to set yourself a part, you need interesting information that engages the reader and has information found nowhere else. 
B. Social Networking – In recent years, social networking has exploded across the internet, as people spend much of their time conversing with friends, family, while posting pictures and commenting.  Facebook has become the go to social networking site, and your business should have a presence by either a facebook profile or fan page.  Social networking is again a cheap and relatively easy method of internet advertising, however you will be competing with many other pages and profiles, so you will need interesting and engaging content.   
C. E-Mail Marketing – One method that is often used is the sending of mass emails, either describing your company or providing informational texts that involve your business.  E-mail marketing must be approached with caution, as you run the risk of being considered spam, which will reflect negatively on your image with consumers.  Instead, you must send e-mails only with important updates and interesting new content.  

2. Consider your budget
Budgeting is a crucial elements when coming up with a marketing plan using internet marketing.  The internet provides advertising that range from the very cheap to the very expensive.  While advertising by using emails and other basic forms of communication can be very cheap, they often are not as effective as the much more expensive methods.  Professional companies can build your website and provide services to help your business’ website generate traffic.   
Revenue can be generated from internet advertising, but it may not be noticeable at first and take some time.  Blogs, facebook pages, and e-mails all take time to build followers and readership. You must slowly develop your internet presence before having any noticeable affects on your business.  However, you will more clients will come to you seeking your service who have been exposed to your internet marketing.  

3. Put your Internet Advertising plan into effect
Internet advertising works best when you have multiple types of advertising working together in conjunction with one another.  Articles sent through email should be linked to your website, your website should be linked on other websites, and all of these should be search-able on search engines such as Google and Bing.  A facebook profile can link to blogs and written content generated by you and your business.  All of these advertising methods need to be put in place to work together in order to maximize the effectiveness of internet marketing.  

4. Evaluate how your Internet Advertising plan is working
Once you have your internet advertising plan up and running, you must constantly monitor how well they are working.  The internet can be a fickle medium to garner attention, so you must constantly check how many clients are being reached, how engaged they are in your advertising materials, and whether you should change your strategy.  Consulting outside firms is often the best method for determine how helpful your internet advertising is for your business.  

Internet Advertising compared to regular advertising
Regular advertising and internet advertising can always be used together to full expose your company to as many clients as possible, however you need to understand the benefits and limitations of each.  Internet advertising will usually be significantly cheaper and more diverse, in that you can reach many people with just simple blogging posts or facebook updates.  However, with this simplicity comes the fact that you will be up against thousands of other advertisements and content all vying for your consumers attention.
Regular advertising can be more expensive, more time consuming, and can challenge you to be creative.  However, regular advertising, when done properly, can expose your company to more consumers, especially older ones who do not use the internet as much as the younger generation.  Regular advertising can include sending mailers, taking ads out in publications, or other media outlets.  

Legal Issues with Internet Marketing
While most internet marketing is simple and is not affected by regulation, you must be aware of illegitimate forms.  Spamming and spy ware are used by some groups in order to send mass emails and reach many more consumers than they should be reaching.  Such methods are often illegal and you business can face sanctions if caught up with such internet marketing plans.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact a legal professional who has experience with advertising laws and internet regulation.