Tim Hortons Franchise

Tim Hortons Franchise

Tim Hortons Franchise
A Tim Hortons franchise is a popular option for individuals seeking to open a coffee franchise in Canada. Coffee franchises are some of the most competitive franchises available. Part of this competition is due to the loyalty which many shoppers develop with their preferred coffee franchise once they identify a coffee franchise they prefer.
Tim Hortons franchises have expanded from Canada in recent years, which has increased the competition between the various coffee franchises in North America, as the border between Canada and the United States becomes more porous for coffee franchises which are seeking new dedicated consumers for their coffee franchises.
This expansion has placed the Tim Hortons franchise in direct competition with the Dunkin' Donuts franchise because both are baked goods and coffee franchises. At this time however, Tim Hortons remains the largest donut and coffee franchise in Canada with a growing presence in the United States of America.
The Tim Hortons franchise began in 1964. As of the start of 2010, there were 563 Tim Hortons franchise locations in the United States, with the primary concentrations of these coffee franchises located in and around Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and New York City, New York; Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, and Lansing, Michigan; Columbus, Dayton, and Toledo, Ohio; Richmond, Indiana; Erie, Pennsylvania; Charlston, Huntington, and Wheeling, West Virginia; Maine; Rhode Island; and Connecticut.




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