Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce has many member businesses from the local community. The members pay dues to help fund the materials which are distributed to member businesses. Those  materials may include vital legal information, as well as information about recent legislation which could have an impact on local businesses.


The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce also uses member dues to lobby the local, state and Federal governments when there are proposed changes which could have a negative impact on local businesses. For example, the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce may lobby against changes in which businesses would be forced to spend more money on upgrades to buildings if those changes do not directly effect the safety of those in the building. They are not likely to lobby against changes which would ensure the safety of the employees at the business or of those customers utilizing the services of a local business.


The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce also lobbies for changes which could be beneficial to the local businesses. For example, the organization may lobby to lower taxes on certain types of businesses, such as those which provide beneficial services to the community.


Like most Chambers, the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce hopes to foster a better relationship between local businesses, the Government and those that utilize the businesses. These relationships are vital to ensure that businesses have the continued ability to provide the best services or merchandise to consumers while following all applicable laws. The materials which keep businesses up to date on such laws also help the businesses to better understand how to foster those relationships.




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