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Pay Per Click Advertising Benefits

Pay Per Click Advertising Benefits

Pay per click advertising is a term used for internet advertising where a business pays a third party website to direct traffic to their website for a specific amount every time a unique visitor is sent to the business’ website.  The third party website will usually show an advertisement or other mention of the business, which takes the viewer from a content page to the advertising page.  This method has become very popular on all sorts of websites and is one of the main forms of income generation for these sites.  

How can Pay Per Click Advertising help your business

1. Evaluate how your business and its website
Before you can use the services of a pay per click advertising website, you must have an established business website that viewers can be directed to.  Your website must be readily accessible and should have content that keeps visitors engaged and informed about your company.  Not every business can benefit from this form of advertising.  Pay per click is usually used by businesses that are seeking widespread reach and less so by local businesses.  

2. Consider your budget
Pay per click advertising varies greatly depending on who the third party website is, how many unique visitors they generate, and how reliable they are.  Nationally read websites with creative content will charge very high pay per click advertising fees, so be aware of what expenses to expect before agreeing to a pay per click service.  There are two ways for purchasing per per click advertising, flat-rate and bid-based. 
A. Flat-Rate require that the business pay the advertising company a specific fee for each unique click that is generated from placing the ad on their website.  The costs will be dependent on the location of the ad on the web page, its visibility, and the size. 
B. Bid-Based pay per click advertising is typically used on search engines or content sites with search features.  The advertising will accept bids for keywords, essentially favoring those businesses that pay more when a consumer searches for a specific topic.  
The financial aspect of the advertising that is generated can be greatly beneficial for your company.   Pay per click has been increasing dramatically each year, but a click can range from 1 cent per click up to $4 per click, depending on the level the keyword costs or how prominent of a website your are using.  

3. Put your Pay Per Click Advertising into effect
After conducting research about where and when your business will benefit from pay per click advertising, you need to get your links set up and your website prepared for the increased traffic.  You will need to prepare the links that will be clicked on.  Your links may be text based or picture based, which in either case must be highly visible and attract the reader.  
Websites utilize pay per click advertising by placing them in locations where viewers are most likely to see them.  Search engines, such as Google or Bing, will place pay per click advertisements in specific “advertising boxes” above search results or on the side bar.  Content websites try to have pay per click advertisements below content articles titles and in between written text blocks.  

4. Evaluate whether Pay Per Click Advertising is working
Pay per click advertising is very easily evaluated, as you will be able to see whether you have increased website traffic and from what source this increased traffic is from.  You will also be billed on each unique visitor, so just from your billing statements you can determine whether it is working.  Also important will be determining whether visitors stay engaged on your site and how long they spend on your website.  All of this must be calculated in order to determine if you need to modify or eliminate the pay per click advertising that you are engaging in.  

Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising
Search engines do not typically use a pay per click advertising method, but instead use a bidding system for specific keywords.  Keywords are purchased and the order of appearance will determine when a website will come up on a search engine.  Some search engines to have some forms of pay per click advertising, but they will either put your business’ link in a separate “advertiser box” or  outside of the main search results.  

Legal Issues
Pay per click advertising is usually a very safe way of advertising over the internet, as long as you avoid any fraudulent advertising or misleading information.  You must ensure that any services you use in implementing your pay per click advertising is not attaching spy ware to consumer’s computers and not keeping illegal data.  Consult a legal professional with experience in advertising and internet regulation if you require further consultation.