Chick Fil a Franchise

Chick Fil a Franchise

Chick Fil a Franchise
A Chick Fil A franchise is different from most fast food franchise operations, and most franchises in general, in that very little upfront money is required in order to obtain the license to operate a Chick Fil A. The trade off for the low franchising cost, however, is that a Chick Fil A franchise owner is required to pay a substantially larger portion of their profits back to the company.
A fast food franchise typically has to pay less that six percent of its gross sales back to the corporation. A Chick Fil A Franchise may be required to pay as much as fifteen percent of the fast food franchise gross sales and fifty percent of net profits each month.
The Chick Fil A franchise also requires that the fast food franchise be closed on Sundays, which are traditionally a very profitable day for a fast food franchise. This is due to the strong family values held by the original operators of the Chick Fil A franchise.
In addition, a Chick Fil A franchise operator will have the property on which the Chick Fil A franchise is located subleased back to them. Chick Fil A Incorporated handles the complete advertising, business location selection, training, and marketing needs of the fast food franchise owner.
Chick Fil A is very selective in handing out Chick Fil A franchise licenses, on average offering only seventy five of the more than one thousand applicants each year the opportunity to operate a location for this fast food franchise.




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