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Corporation Search from the State Government’s Division of Corporations

Corporation Search from the State Government's Division of Corporations

A corporation search is a search which a given person might initiate in order to find information on a particular corporation. Because corporations are legal entities and thus must be registered with the State Government, each state has a corporate profile available which it can add to a corporation search tool, thus allowing individuals to hunt for information on corporations.
A corporation search tool is generally available at the websites for each State Government’s Division of Corporations, which focuses on containing such information as the corporate profile or corporate ID of every corporation which is registered within the State’s boundaries.
A corporation search tool only searches publicly available information, but a corporation search tool is available because the corporate profile and corporate ID of a given corporation are both publicly available as information on a taxable entity.
Finding a corporate profile will generally give a large amount of information about the corporation in question. A corporate ID found with a corporation search tool will provide information on the date when the corporation was registered, along with the primary officers of that corporation, the corporation’s original formation date, the corporation’s location, and the corporation’s full name.
A corporate profile will also convey information regarding the type of corporation in question and the current status of the corporation, such as whether or not it is actively accepted as a corporation. The type of corporation described on a corporate ID might include designations such as Limited Liability Company and Profit Corporation.