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Mobile Marketing Advantages

Mobile Marketing Advantages

Mobile marketing is a relatively new form of advertising that always a business to reach its clients via mobile phones.  Mobile phones have become one of the most used new technologies to come out, as about 91% of Americans have or regularly use a cell phone. Mobile marketing can connect you to your client via simple text messages or mobile messages that reach your clients at any time you like.  Mobile marketing is a new strategy, so beware of the pitfalls that may accompany using this new strategy.    

How to use Mobile Marketing to your advantage

1. Identify how Marketing Research can help your business
Mobile marketing is highly limited in that only brief messages can be sent and received.  Therefore, it is important to identify areas of your business that can be conveyed in a simple manner.  Highly technical details about new products or services just do not work with Mobile marketing.  Instead, try to determine if there are simple messages that will be of use to your client base or if there is a reason you need to contact them via mobile device.  

2. Determine how to budget for Mobile Marketing
While text messaging for personal use is a fairly inexpensive process, businesses sending mass text messages to a large client base are faced with much larger texting fees.  Mobile marketing may also require you to purchase the hardware needed to send such messages, such as new computers, software, or smart phones that fit your mobile marketing needs.  Always investigate the potential costs of a marketing strategy before planning on bringing it to your business.  

3. Establish your Mobile Marketing plan
Once you have concluded that a mobile marketing plan is both cost effective and fits your businesses needs, you need to come up with a plan that you will abide by during your marketing.  It is helpful to have a detailed plan that lists specific times, dates, and targeted clients for your mobile messages to reach.  You must also plan who will write the messages of the texts and the type of messages that will be sent.  Mobile marketing does not have to be strictly informational, you may text games, contests, announcements, or awards to your clients while keeping your name in their mind. 

4. Effectuating your Mobile Marketing
Once your plan is in place, follow it as well as you can, while remaining flexible to adapt to changes that may need to be made.  Always listen to your clients about your messages.  If they inform you that they do not wish to receive your messages, you must stop sending them immediately, or else you will lose clients while possibly running afoul of the do not contact list.  

How to adapt Mobile Marketing to your specific business
It will be important that you adapt mobile marketing concepts to your specific business and overall marketing plans.  Mobile marketing should be used in conjunction with other marketing methods, so try to determine how well they can work with each other.  Also, make sure that your messages serve a purpose.  Sending mass texts with the sole purpose of having name recognition may adversely affect your overall marketing scheme.