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Florida Chamber of Commerce

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is
organized in a way that member businesses have representation to lobby the
State Government
to prevent laws which would restrict business practices. There are many
businesses which are members, including very small businesses to very large
businesses. There are also many types of businesses that are members of the
Chamber of Commerce.


Members of the Florida Chamber of Commerce get many benefits. First, they are kept informed as to any changes or
possible changes
in the law. These changes are discussed at
meetings as well as listed in membership materials which are distributed to
member businesses.


Members of the Florida Chamber of Commerce
can also belong to the Florida
Commerce Credit Union as
one of the benefits of membership .The Florida
Commerce Credit Union allows members to have accounts at the Credit Union which
also provide access to lower A
PRs as well
as better opportunities to receive better interest payments on savings


There are also many other member benefits
including the meetings, which provide information as to how best handle legal
issues that may
affect a business, such as increased
taxes on merchandise. The meetings also foster relationships between member
businesses which contributes to more open discussions about the best way to
foster relationships with customers, thereby increasing business.