Whistler Chamber of Commerce Guide

Whistler Chamber of Commerce Guide

Whistler Chamber of Commerce Guide
The Whistler Chamber of Commerce works to import the relationship between local businesses and those which would be likely to utilize those businesses.  The local community is made aware of the variety of businesses through advertising campaigns and pamphlets which can be found in many public places.
The Whistler Chamber of Commerce may take part in community activities, such as building park benches which are then engraved with the name of the Chamber. This is done for several reasons. First, the park benches improve the quality of life in the area. In addition, the benches serve as advertising for the Whistler Chamber of Commerce.
The Whistler Chamber of Commerce may also hold community events, such as concerts in the park, which help to foster better relationships between community members, including local businesses. These events also sometimes help to raise monies for a charity which brings the community even closer together while they work towards a shared goal of helping someone.
The Whistler Chamber of Commerce also uses member dues to lobby against legislation which could have a negative impact on local businesses or on the local community. These actions can bring attention to the local businesses and the services they provide.
Through community-centered activities and lobbying the government, the Whistler Chamber of Commerce hopes to bring people to area businesses while improving community relations.




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