Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Seattle Chamber of Commerce

Seattle Chamber of Commerce

The Seattle Chamber of Commerce has many members, each of which contribute membership dues to the organization. Membership dues help to fund the educational materials which are distributed to members, such as notes on points of law that may affect businesses in the area. The funding is also used for lobbying efforts. Additional funding is also obtained through fundraising efforts by the organization.


The Seattle Chamber of Commerce has many members from a variety of types of businesses. The membership allows each member business to have access to the most up-to-date information on the laws which will affect the manner in which businesses can be run in Seattle. The newsletter may also contain information about changes to building codes, as that type of information can affect businesses in the area.


The Seattle Chamber of Commerce lobbies the local and state government any time there are laws or legislation which could negatively impact member businesses. They may also lobby to have laws enacted, such as tax breaks, which would benefit member businesses.


The Seattle Chamber of Commerce is structured in much the same way as other Chambers. There are leadership positions which entail decision-making, such as which laws may be lobbied against and which the organization will push for. There are no official policies of the organization which cannot be changed by a vote by those in leadership positions.




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