Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce seeks to increase tourism in the area which would also provide a boost to the local businesses. The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce also seeks to encourage local residents to utilize local businesses rather than taking their business to neighboring communities. There are several ways to encourage this including lower prices, advertising and fostering good relationships between the residents and the businesses in the area.
The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce collects dues from member businesses, and those monies are used for a variety of purposes. First, the money is used to advertise local businesses, such as on tourism billboards and online. That advertising attempts to bring people to the area, while showing them what local businesses have to offer.
The money collected from dues is also utilized by the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce in order to distribute information to members through pamphlets and in meetings. That information is generally in regards to legislation or proposed changes in legislation which could affect business in the area. After the information is distributed, the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce may lobby for or against proposed changes, depending on how those changes will impact local businesses.
The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce also spends money on employees of the organization, including those in leadership positions. There will also be a president that oversees daily operations and helps to oversee those in the other leadership positions in order to ensure that the organization runs smoothly.




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