Sedona Chamber of Commerce

Sedona Chamber of Commerce

Sedona Chamber of Commerce

The Sedona Chamber of Commerce has a focus on tourism. By bringing tourists to the area, the economy in the area can enjoy benefits, such an increase in spending on local businesses. Tourists may then tell their friends about the area, bringing even more business to local companies.


The structure of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce is very similar to most Chambers of Commerce. There are leadership positions which include those that have decision-making power. There are policies enacted through a very specific voting and approval process. Those decisions can determine the official policy of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, as well as the legislation the organization may lobby for or against.


The Sedona Chamber of Commerce uses funds gained through membership dues to keep all member businesses up to date on the latest legislation as well as the impact the legislation could have on each business. They also distribute information about business practices which could benefit member businesses.


The Sedona Chamber of Commerce has many members that would benefit form an increase in tourism to the area. For that reason, there is a focus on increasing tourism, as well as bringing those tourists to local businesses. They may distribute information to tourists to help direct them to member businesses, such as pamphlets which are found throughout the area.




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