Who is the Ministry of Commerce?

Who is the Ministry of Commerce?

Who is the Ministry of Commerce?

The Ministry of Commerce is very similar to a Chamber of Commerce. The ideas and purpose of the organization are somewhat similar. There are Ministries of Commerce in countries such as China and Iran which are run by the government, as opposed to the businesses in that country.


The governments in countries that have Ministries of Commerce seek to control and regulate the exports and imports sold in those countries to ensure that the people and the government have access to the appropriate things, while making certain that the government gets its fair share of taxes on imports and exports.


The Ministry of Commerce also regulates business inside the country, even when there is no exporting or importing involved. The Ministry may seek to increase business at certain companies to increase tax revenue for the government. In fact, some Ministries of Commerce have been accused of controlling where business can be conducted because the government or people in the government have ownership in certain companies.


Whatever the case, Ministries of Commerce control business in those countries that have one. They may prevent the sale of certain materials, such as those deemed inappropriate or against the official religion. They may also select companies which offer the people the greatest benefits through inexpensive products and safe products, while preventing unsafe business practices.




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