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Are You Ready for Business Cards?

Are You Ready for Business Cards?

cards are documentation that display details of a business in a card form.
Although there does not exist a specific stipulation or standard for
information listed on business cards, many business cards contain information
expressing the following details: name of the business, address of the
business, the name of the employee, and the contact information for the

The Purpose of Business Cards

Business cards are used as information tools
that heighten awareness of a business. They have been known to be exemplary
marketing, networking, and informational resources for business owners and
employees alike. Since business cards are small and portable, they can be
passed along upon meeting new people, at networking events, or in casual

Depending on the desired effect, business card
design varies. The first incarnation of business cards was simple print on
white card stock. These business cards shared the dimensions of a wallet or card
holder, which allowed for their safe, easy, and convenient storage.

Due to the
fact that information can be misplaced and/or forgotten, a business card
provides for physical and tangible information regarding the business listed on
the specific business card. Once passed along, the recipient of a business card
can place the business card in a wallet or card holder for future reference.

Business Card Dimensions

A traditional business card varies depending
on the nation in which the business exists, but the dimensions do vary in
accordance with that country’s standard. In the United States, a traditional
business card measures 3.5 inches by 2 inches.

Where to Get Business Cards

Business cards can be printed at home or by a
company specializing in business card production. Traditionally, business cards
are printed on cardstock, which is a more dense and durable paper. This allows
for less chance of the card being wrinkled, bent, or damaged. In many cases,
the print on business cards is slightly raised, giving it an enhanced

some business cards simply possess writing that displays contact information,
certain business cards possess graphics, designs, and other eye-catching
images. Many print shops will provide business card production, as well as
business card design. Normally, single prints of business cards are rare; in
the event that a printing house agrees to print a single business card, the
cost may be larger than bulk printing. Due to the fact that business cards are
valuable marketing tools, they are traditionally produced in bulk allowing for
their maximum dissemination.

How to Get Business Cards

Decide on a design for the business card. Explore
the usage of graphics, images, colors, types of lettering, font, and size desired.

Decide on the volume of cards desired. Individuals
involved in networking groups and meetings are encouraged to print a larger
volume of business cards. Furthermore, bulk printing rates allow for the price
of production to decrease in tandem with a larger number of cards printed.

In the event that an individual does not
possess professional graphic design training or professional printing
facilities, shop around for the most affordable and reputable designing and
printing house to produce the optimal business card.