How Do I Buy a Small Business for Sale?

How Do I Buy a Small Business for Sale?

How Do I Buy a Small Business for Sale?

Although creating your own business is an exciting and innovative practice, it is often met with great challenges. The majority of start-up businesses or small companies fail. Entrepreneurs commonly struggle with finances in regards to marketing their product or service and distributing it.

The nature of the small business is one filled with huge reward and even greater risk. That being said, those entrepreneurs who have their hearts set on working for themselves while at the same time decreasing the risk associated with starting their own business can partake in small business consulting or purchase an already existing small business. A small business for sale will obviously vary in price, but for the most part, purchasing an already existing business will mitigate risk because the company has already established resources and a clientele. 

When you decide to purchase an already existing small business, it is important to go through a detailed evaluation process. This process is essential; the investment you will make in such a company is obviously substantial, therefore it is of the utmost importance to analyze all aspects of the small business for sale.

The first step required when purchasing a small business is to analyze your wants: are you seeking a small business for sale to experience independence or are you doing it for increased income? Once you have figured out your wants, you should next consider your background. Typically setting up a small business makes more sense in a field in which you feel comfortable. 

Once these basic questions have been answered you should use resources such as websites (particularly ' to find worthwhile investment opportunities and to contact brokers to identify which small businesses are for sale. The next step will require a full financial review of the business: check balance sheets, statements of cash flow, projected earnings, and past income statements. 

When all the numbers have been reviewed and you have found a suitable small business for sale, you must determine a valuation for the business. Most industries have a valuation method that concentrates on the previous year's revenue. Fast growing businesses are priced higher as are companies with more capital equipment.

When a price has been determined, calculate a break-even point on the business. Ask yourself if the business fits your needs given your particular situation. If you have settled on the purchase, ask the owner if financing part or the entire sale is possible.




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