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Business Incorporation in California

Business Incorporation in California


Every state in the United States will have its own regulations and rules regarding the business incorporation process. California has distinct sets of laws regarding incorporation of companies, including the actual incorporation process.

California incorporation will typically be in the form of S corporations or C corporations, though it may not be all that uncommon to have a Close corporation as well. S corporations can only have a maximum number of 100 shareholders total, while C corporations may have an unlimited number of shareholders according to California incorporation laws.

California incorporation will not necessarily be a thoroughly difficult process, though it is recommended that the proper legal advice be obtained for the process. California lawyers will prove to speed up the California incorporation process and make it less complex. However, California incorporation can be done without the help of legal advice.

California incorporation requires that at least three individuals be named to the Board of Directors of the company, though less than three can be named if that company only has one shareholder. Such information will be included in the Articles of Incorporation, which will also contain the location of the business, how many shares the company will have, and the bylaws or regulations of the corporation itself.

California incorporation is relatively inexpensive, only requiring a cost of $100 to file the Articles of Incorporation. However, there may be other costs incurred, such as fees for filing other necessary information or applications, including statements of information and possible amendments to the Articles of Incorporation.