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An Overview of the Chamber of Commerce

An Overview of the Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce Background

The Chamber of Commerce works with businesses to advocate for the business owners and to increase business for local companies. The Chamber will also work with the community in order to foster a closer relationship between the town’s residents and the businesses which are located there.

Ministry of Commerce

A Ministry of Commerce regulates business in a country, such as China, and the Ministry is run by the government. The Ministry seeks to prevent unsafe business practices in regards to imports and exports. They also regulate business within the country.

US Chamber of Commerce 
The US Chamber of Commerce lobbies for the interests of businesses in the United States. They are not run by the Government, but are instead made up of many smaller Chambers of Commerce from different areas of the United States.

International Chamber of Commerce 
The International Chamber of Commerce is a very large organization which seeks to promote business between member countries. The policies of the Chamber of Commerce can greatly affect the number of imports and exports of member countries.

California Chamber of Commerce 
The California Chamber of Commerce seeks to promote communication between member businesses and the lawmakers in the State of California. When new laws are passed or being considered, the Chamber distributes that information to member businesses, whether or not it will directly affect them, in order to foster better communication.

Florida Chamber of Commerce 
Members of the Florida Chamber of Commerce have benefits associated with that membership, such as access to the Florida Commerce Credit Union which can provide business loans with an exceptional interest rate.

Seattle Chamber of Commerce 
The Seattle Chamber of Commerce utilizes member dues to distribute information to members on points of law, as well as proposed legislation which could affect local businesses. The membership dues are also used to lobby the local and State Government when there are issues that could affect the local businesses.

Sedona Chamber of Commerce 
The Sedona Chamber of Commerce has a large focus on tourism in the area, as an increase in tourism usually means an increase in spending at local businesses.
Nashville Chamber of Commerce 
The Nashville Chamber of Commerce helps to lobby against legislation which may have a negative impact on local businesses, such as increased taxes on concert tickets. They also lobby for positive changes, such as tax breaks for local businesses.

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce 
The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce helps to lobby for changes which would be beneficial to local businesses, as well as lobby against changes which may hinder the companies’ ability to conduct business.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce 
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce seeks to encourage business across international borders, providing a boost to the local economy. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce also works to help businesses which conduct business within the country. 

Phoenix Chamber of Commerce 
The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce seeks to bring tourists to the area in order to increase business of local companies. The Chamber also seeks to foster better relationships between the community and local businesses in order to encourage them to use those businesses.

Omaha Chamber of Commerce
The Omaha Chamber of Commerce seeks to improve relations between local businesses and the community. This can be done in a variety of ways, including projects which improve the quality of life in the area. For example, the Chamber may plant community gardens.

Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce 
The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce spends a lot of money on advertising for local tourism attractions, such as the town beaches and other recreational opportunities. By doing so, the C