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The Real Definition of Sexual Harassment

The Real Definition of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can occur in a physical, verbal, and
non-verbal manner. Harassment is when someone disrespects another with
inappropriate behavior. This behavior can include many things
such as touching, looking, or speaking inappropriately. When harassment turns
sexual or the behavior is geared toward
s sex, it is then
recognized as sexual harassment.

Many times the boundaries governing sexual harassment are
gray and unclear. This is perhaps why it is difficult for people to understand
what constitutes appropriate behavior. Many times victims keep their feeling
s in until they get so anxious they blow up or demonstrate behavior that is
out of the ordinary. 

In a case where harassment
of any kind is occurring, the victim often feels uncomfortable. They rarely
welcome this type of behavior on
to themselves. This is
what makes it so horrible. Sexual harassment often becomes so bad that it
affects a victim’s ability to function. The sexual harasser may have taken a
liking to the victim’s physical appearance or something they may be

In other instances where sexual harassment takes place, a
victim is being targeted because of their sex or social status. If a boss or
superior feels like the victim is at their disposal, they may say inappropriate
things to them.

Harassment can happen to both men and women. A certain
sex may feel as if they are superior to another. For example, a man may feel he
is above a woman, and therefore, can speak, touch, or look at her in any
way he likes. 

Sexual harassment is an issue because it lacks
consideration for the victim. Many times a person may not realize they are
harassing an individual, but once the victim feels uncomfortable, they can call
it harassment. Jokers are often subjected to these types of allegations when
they crack jokes that demonstrate subtle versions of sexual harassment.
 Harassment can
affect work environments and create personal relationships
that are negative and intense. 

Victims of harassment can experience serious
psychological trauma. Sometimes after a victim speaks out they may still
receive negative and harassing comments from the culprit or those around them.

Sexual harassment victims can experience serious health problems, including; headaches, anxiety,
disorders regarding eating and identity, stomach problems, and much more. Some
doctors have equated the effects of rape with victims of harassment. Words and
gestures can have a huge effect on a person
s psyche, not to
mention their body. Sexual harassment is a type of behavior that is looked down
upon in society, and those guilty of it can be punished under the law.