Verbal Sexual Harassment

Verbal Sexual Harassment

Verbal Sexual Harassment
Verbal sexual harassment can be very hurtful and affect a victim just as seriously as physical and non-verbal harassment. Many times people who make jokes on a regular basis can cross the line with a person. If these jokes turn into constant forms of verbal harassment, a victim can report it as sexual harassment.
Young men and women still in high school or college may experience sexual harassment within their educational institutions. In the workplace a victim may experience the same things. Some common verbal harassment includes: 
Calling someone out of there name by using words like, sexy, sweetie, baby, love, juicy, fine, and alike;
Whistling at someone, or making sexual noises at someone;
Sexual statements;
Making every conversation about sex or sexual things;
Joking with a person using sexual context;
Inquiring about a persons sexual activities, fantasies, or past;
Verbalizing they want to enter a person's sexual activities;
Addressing a person with kissing noises or sexual calls;
Complimenting a persons clothing or demeanor in a sexual context;
Inviting someone out on a date over and over again;
Spreading sexual stories or rumors about a person. 
Many times a person is unaware that verbal harassment is taking place. There are many things that someone can do to avoid having to endure it. A victim can confront the harasser and politely ask them to stop and explain how uncomfortable they may feel. This works since it may make a person feel silly and embarrassed for causing someone grief. This is also a good way to avoid ruining a person’s life without first trying to resolve the issue.
Oftentimes people may not realize they are even harassing a person. If the problem persists, a victim may then report the harassment to a superior or administrator. If the situation is not resolved at that level, a victim might have to take legal action.  
Sexual verbal harassment can be demonstrated in a way that it does not violate the law, but it still makes a person feel uncomfortable. When this happens it is harder for victims to prove that the harassment is real. This can sometimes lead to the harasser believing they can continuously offend and not be reprimanded. In this instance, a victim might want to read up on the verbal harassment and hire an attorney.




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