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Business directories are comprehensive listings of businesses broken down into nation, state, region, or various other classifications. Furthermore, the listings are broken down to reflect the type. They are helpful for finding local and international businesses.

Business Directories Background
Business directories are informational guides which have listings of businesses, their addresses, phone numbers, and various other pieces of information that are important when it comes to contacting small businesses. In some instances, these directories can have more specific information like hours of operation and if there are any special items or services provided by the company.
Local Business Directory
A local business directory can be found through the Internet or it can be information provided by a publication through a state. The written publication will often come as a book with listings of all the different regions in the state and the businesses that can be found there. Under these listings are the contact information. On websites, the listings are broken down the same way, but along with contact information, there is often a website attached as well.

Online Business Directory
An online business directory is a directory that can be found on the Internet. There are posted websites of various types of online businesses. Within the websites there is more information regarding the physical location of the business and if there is an actual store, or if all transactions are done online.
UK Business Directory
The United Kingdom Business Directory is a comprehensive directory of small and large businesses throughout the region. These are broken down into larger categories in for the convenience of in-country and out-of-country visitors. Information consists of specific regions, tourism information, and various domestic area businesses.

Canadian Business Directory
The Canadian Business Directory is a tool utilized for finding businesses throughout the various regions of Canada. There is a section devoted to the most recognizable areas of Canada, and then the smaller regions are broken down as well. This is convenient for individuals who are visiting the country, as well as those who live in the country because it simplistically lays out the business of each location.

Business-to-Business Directory
A business-to-business directory is a specialized type of directory used in order to help companies find one another in order to move products or services or to help with manufacturing. This type of directory is comprised of companies that work mutually; like other types of directories it is broken down into specifications and regions.

Small Business Directory

A small business directory is a directory that typically leaves off the larger corporations and chain establishments in the business world. Instead, it is a comprehensive listing of all the small businesses within the state and broken down regionally.

Australian Business Directory
The Australian Business Directory is an informational tool that is broken down into large categories of interest such as franchises, general business ventures, and tourism issues. This is to make the website accessible to those who are browsing it from within the nation and without.

What are Some Free Business Directories?
There are a number of free business directories that can be found on the Internet. These resources are helpful in finding information regionally, nationally, and internationally.
Tips for Getting in Business Directories
When you run a business, you need to get the word out about your company.  One way that you can do this is through business directories.  There are all kinds of business directories out there today.  If you are looking for the one that your business fits in, you may find that there are a variety and you may end up requesting to be in more than one business directory.  Start looking at all the business directories that are out there and see how they can increase your name recognition.

Compile a List
The first thing that you want to do when you are determining what business directories you want to be in is to make a list of what is available.  You may find that there are a large variety in which your company fits.  You will want to narrow it down to the ones that you think are going to be the most successful for you.  You want to make sure that you are using business directories that people use and people have faith in. It will make a huge difference in the amount of press you get because of these directories.

Create a Compelling Advertisement
You will find that in some business directories, you won’t list a lot more than just the name of your business and the phone number.  But you will find that in other directories you will list a lot more or be able to create more of an advertisement that shows what your business is about.  When you are looking to create these advertisements, you really want to work to make sure that they are professional and look great. 
Hire someone that can help you create them unless you have a department that does that for you.  Keep your advertisements concise, yet catchy, and make sure that they are something that people will see and want to read to see what your business has to offer.

Find Good Legal Counsel to Look Things Over
Before you put your name into any business advertisements, you want to consult with your legal counsel.  You want to be sure that they know what to look for.  You want to be sure that your advertisement has your trademarks and copyrights on it so that people understand that what you are publishing is for your company only and should not be reproduced. Leave it up to your legal team to help you with all of this and make the most out of the advertisements that you are going to use in the business directories.
Business directories are a great way to get the word out about the company that you are representing.  With these advertisements in business directories, be sure that you are asking your legal counsel to look everything over.  You want to be sure that anything that should be copyrighted or trademarked is.  Find an attorney that specializes in business law and watch what a great addition that they can be to your small business to help you succeed.