Differing Real Estate Laws Between States

Differing Real Estate Laws Between States

Differing Real Estate Laws Between States
Real estate laws differ by state because real estate is not protected by the Federal Government. Real estate is controlled by state laws first. Real estate laws are also determined by county and town laws. 
Laws vary so distinctively with real estate due to the fact of different zoning regulations. Along with zoning regulations, often land and property is protected by the state to ensure that the land does not get disrupted. Real estate laws for specific areas can be found on state or town websites. 
Real estate laws can pertain to: land use, waterway use, additional building, and neighborhood regulations. Real estate laws are generally created to protect the land itself, as well as the buyer and seller of the property. 
Real estate laws are often altered to better suit a particular situation. In circumstances such as this, a written agreement will be provided and signed by both parties.




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