California Secretary of State Corporations

California Secretary of State Corporations

California Secretary of State Corporations
The California Department of Corporations seeks to regulate the economic and business sectors in the State of California by ensuring that California LLCs and corporations uphold all State business laws. A California LLC is a new business entity that functions much like California corporations or general partnerships. The Department of Corporations works to make financial services offered by businesses of LLCs accessible to all California residents. This organization also educates consumers about the advantages and risks associated with investing. 
The primary responsibility of this Department is to protect consumers from deception and fraud by enforcing all existing financial service laws. This organization will hold all businesses responsible for any unacceptable actions or behavior.
The California Department of Corporations is responsible for investigating any claims made against businesses by consumers or investors. If necessary, the Department will take civil action against offending corporations.
This organization also licenses businesses that operate in the State of California, including financial planners, lenders, investment advisers, dealers, and brokers. The Department of Corporations regulates the sale of franchises and securities in California.
Retirement plans and mortgages are two very important types of investments and both are protected by the California Department of Corporations. The Department is responsible for compelling consumer refunds, as it maintains authority over brokers and lenders. This organization ensures that all corporations and individuals are held responsible for their illicit actions.




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