Getting a Free Business Checking Account

Getting a Free Business Checking Account

Getting a Free Business Checking Account
Obtaining a free business checking account is an important step for any business to take. Although a small business owner may not see the benefit of opening a dedicated business checking account, preferring instead to handle their small business checking needs through the personal checking account of the business owner, opening a business checking account can serve to protect the interest and needs of both the business and the business owners.
A dedicated business checking account can be an important tool in managing both personal and professional assets and keeping the two separate in the event a problem develops.
Many banks offer the opportunity to open a free business checking account to small businesses. A free business checking account may encounter limits on the volume of cash deposits that are permitted in a month, or fees after a certain number of transactions, whether checks cashed, deposits, ACH debits, credits, or checks written, have been reached.
A business checking account is afforded the same level of protection from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, as any other bank account, whether professional, personal, or corporate.
Often, opening a business checking account will require the business owner to authorize individuals who can write checks against the account. Opening a business checking account is typically accompanied with access to ATM debit cards that operate in the same way as a personal debit card.




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