The Truth About Unethical Business Punishments

The Truth About Unethical Business Punishments

The Truth About Unethical Business Punishments
Unethical business ethics will not, in of themselves, furnish a cause for direct legal intervention. Instead,
unethical business practices are considered more a case of mistaken business policy; one which can provide a means by which employees, partners and competitors alike might identify a business as being unable to deal successfully with a particular area for industry. As such, a business can be identified as not being in compliance with the principles typically identified either as business ethics or corporate ethics. 
However, if a business is considered to be operating according to unethical business practices, then legal
repercussions might be warranted. Business ethics is considered more relevant to the corporate and academic fields than law enforcement and the justice system. Moreover, businesses may and often do choose to emphasize their
opposition to unethical business practices as a marketing activity.




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