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Understanding the Write-Offs of Business Travel

Understanding the Write-Offs of Business Travel

Tips for Business Travel and
Business Write-Offs

When you travel a lot for business, it is very
important to maximize the write-offs, and thus, you must know what you are able
to write off when you are traveling.  There may be a lot of personal write-offs
that you can make and company write-offs depending on your stake in the
company.  Make sure that you are on top of what can be written off, as getting
the most out of your tax deductions is very important. Knowing what the permissible
write-offs are can make it very easy for you to save receipts from your
business travel excursions.

What can be Written Off?

From a legal standpoint, there are many different
things that can be written off during business travel. Know these by heart so
that you can save your receipts and itemize the expenses that are eligible to
be written off. The below are examples of items which can typically be written

A. Travel by any sort of commercial carrier;

B. Use of your car for business purposes;

C. Fares for any sort of transportation while on the job;

D. All meals and lodging;

E. Any tips you pay during the trip;

F. Dry cleaning and laundry;

G. Any communications while on the trip.

You want to keep receipts for all of these
deductions so that you can easily write them off of your taxes at the end of
the year.  It is smart to keep a folder that includes all of this
information so that you don’t have to worry about writing down a bunch of
stuff; you can literally just turn it over to your attorney or accountant at
the end of the year. 

You also can
use a standard deduction for a lot of these items, like meal deduction for
example.  This saves you a lot of hassle if you lose a receipt because you
are able to just use the standard deduction for meals that you eat during your business

Are These Write-Offs Legal?

You are doing nothing wrong by writing off your
business expenses. There is no reason why you shouldn’t write off the things
that you pay for while on the clock or while you are out of town on business
travel. When you are doing something for the company it should be compensated

attorney can explain the legality of these write-offs to you and why they are
important not only for you, but for the company as a business expense. 
You aren’t the only person that benefits from getting the tax write-off.

The world of business travel tax write-offs can be
a little tricky. Indeed, it may be something for which you want to have counsel
on hand.  Generally, with any good attorney’s office they will also have
a CPA on hand that will be able to explain the best way to do all of the
write-off deductions that you need.  Don’t ever give the company funds
that you shouldn’t, and in the same sense, help them get the tax write-offs to
which they are not entitled.