Marketing Sales Business Development

Marketing Sales Business Development

Marketing Sales Business Development
A marketing/sales/business development plan requires the culmination of the business development work that is necessary to expand a business or a particular sector of a company.
When doing the business development work to draft a marketing/ sales/ business development plan, the business development work should take into account the planned activities and aims of any entity, group, individual, organization, or company that wants to convert the work into successful results.
No matter how large or small the business or how many individuals are involved, the marketing/ sales/ business development plan should take into account overhead, the needs of the organization, the activities and resources available to the group, and the purpose behind undertaking the business development work.
The marketing aspect of a marketing/ sales/ business development plan applies to the process by which the group determines what it will sell and who it will sell to. Moreover the plan pinpoints when the sale will take place and how execute the transaction. The sales portion of the business development work is sometimes used interchangeably with the marketing aspect, although it is restricted to how and to whom the sales will be made.
Business development work may be the specific responsibility of a particular individual or department, although it is affected by the actions undertaken by every employee in the company.




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