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A List of Different Types of Brokerages

A List of Different Types of Brokerages

Brokerage is an overarching term for a firm that helps the acquisition and sales of securities, supplies and assets.

Brokerage Background
A brokerage is a firm that is used to facilitate investment transactions. This can be the buying and selling of bonds, stocks, real estate, or even food and mechanical supplies. The individual who facilitates these transactions is called a broker. A broker is employed by the brokerage to be the intermediary between buyer and seller in order to ensure fairness in transactions.

Prime Brokerage
A prime brokerage is a firm that deals with only professional investors. This is where investors work closely with a broker in order to conduct their own transactions through the guidance of the broker.

Business Brokerages
Business brokerages are firms that deal exclusively with the buying and selling of private business. In this type of brokerage, a small business owner will sell a business using a broker. The broker estimates the worth and works out terms of agreement for the transaction.

Discount Brokerage
A discount brokerage is a firm that offers services at a discounted price. Often these firms offer limited services because of their lower fees. But they provide more advanced trading tools to allow the investor the ability to access their accounts and do their own trading.

Real Estate Brokerage
A real estate brokerage is a firm that handles the buying and selling of real estate. A broker can be utilized by either a buyer or seller for the purposes of either selling or acquiring real estate.

Brokerage Account
A brokerage account is an account opened by an investor for the purpose of buying or selling securities. There is often a minimum investment that is required in order to open these accounts.

Stock Brokerage
A stock brokerage is a firm which is used for the buying and selling of stocks, bonds and various other types of security investments. At a brokerage, a broker is assigned to an individual looking to make transactions. The broker is a trained professional when it comes to investment and the market of stocks. Often these are the individuals who do the buying and selling on behalf of their client.

Futures Brokerage
A futures brokerage is a firm that deals with the acquisition and movement of a futures contract. A futures contract is an agreement made by two parties regarding desired movement of assets from one to another.

Brokerage Online
There are many different brokerages that can be found online. These are done through various credible resources and is a way in which private investors can have total access to their accounts at any given time. Furthermore, this is also a way for investors to be able to buy and sell under their own conditions and be able to monitor the sales and purchases they have made.

Brokerage Software
Brokerage software can be purchased by private investors or brokerage firms in order to help streamline brokering. It is a tool for risk management, record keeping, and overall monitoring of assets and transactions.