Importance of Small Business Development

Importance of Small Business Development

Importance of Small Business Development
The Office of Small Business Development Centers is a Government program that seeks to provide management assistance to current small business owners, as well as to individuals who are considering opening a small business. Small Business Development Centers provides individuals and small business owners with one-stop assistance by making available a wide variety of information and guidance through central and easily accessible branch locations.
The Office of Small Business Development Centers is a cooperative effort between the private sector, the educational community, the Federal Government, state governments, and local governments. These Small Business Development Centers are an integral component of a large network of training and counseling services that are provided to the general public.
These small business development centers also involve assistance from the United State of America Small Business Administration. There are small business development centers in all fifty states, with Texas being home to four and California six, as well as one in the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, Samoa, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, for a total of 63 Lead Small Business Development Centers.
These 63 locations oversee a network of more than 900 service locations. These service locations are located at two and four year colleges, universities, vocational and technical schools, Chambers of Commerce, and economic development corporations.




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